Welcome to the world of Aerowave, the online presence of Tom Stone – a UK-based digital media architect. He’s skilled in print and web production, from graphics to animation to audio, and in his spare time, a technology and gadget enthusiast, an avid gamer and a digital DJ.

Aerowave is Tom’s online alias, and here you’ll find out all about him. From the biography to his latest gadgets and games to a showcase of digital media creation, you can navigate the site using the menu items at the top. All sections have related news feeds – to see them, hover over the menu option and click ‘view updates’. Some sections also have a reviews feed, which can be accessed in the same way. When you’re in a feed list, selecting the down arrow will let you jump between available feeds. You can search the site by using the search button, and the feed button links you to Tom’s various online profiles*.

* Some websites may require permission from Tom before all information is visible.